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Antique Late Victorian / Early Edwardian 15ct Gold Moonstone Necklace Circa 1900

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Enchanting late Victorian / Early Edwardian natural blue Moonstone necklace comprising eleven oval and round Moonstones of outstanding quality.

Each Moonstone is housed in a 15ct yellow gold mount to a fine trace chain between each which allows for lovely articulation to enhance the ethereal glow, known as **adularescence or schiller effect, which in the case of this superb necklace is excellent, bright blue and magical.

Ranging in size from 5mm to a very large 1.5cm x 1.0cm for the largest oval Moonstone drop.

The fine but solid 15ct trace chain was designed for a petite neck at 37cm circumference .. however it is a simple procedure for any jewellery to extend the length by adding several jump rings.

**Adularescence or schiller is a metallic iridescence originating from below the surface of a stone, that occurs when light is reflected between layers of minerals

2 @ 5mm
5 @ 7mm
2 @ 10m x 7mm
1 @ 12mm x 9mm
1 @ 15mm x 10mm

6.33 Grams

Tested as 15ct to mounts and chain

37cm circumference
Could have extension links fitted by a jeweller

Moonstones are in excellent condition with no wear, chips or abrasions.  Exhibit superior shriller effect.  One very tiny and hard to notice solder repair to one end link of oval Moonstone, very solid and well repaired.
Bolt clasp appears to be a replacement, more a rose gold in appearance and testing as low carat gold, however its strong, sturdy and in excellent working order.

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