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Modern Solid Platinum ‘Plat’ Chain 8.87 Grams

Sale price$1,350.00 AUD

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Our personal favourite precious metal by far is Platinum. 

One of the rarest and most precious metals the same amount of platinum weight 60% more than gold due to its molecular make up which makes it much denser.  Its density allows it to be used in a purer form than gold which has to have other metals added to it for strength.

Rich and white in lustre platinum will retain its luminosity for ever unlike white gold which can turn yellow ( or its rhodium plating can were off ).

Not only is it rare, beautiful and durable it feels amazing.. heavy and substantial in the hand and again our personal fave!

This chain is just lovely, interlocking fancy slim links with a small platinum bolt clasp, this chain will thread through many of your favourite pendants bales. 

We mix and match our metals, and frankly platinum looks incredible teamed with yellow gold!


In the 16th century the Spanish conquistadors discovered platinum while panning for gold and silver in Columbia.  Seemingly not impressed with this metal, which they found difficult to separate from the gold, they threw it aside and called it ‘platina’ which translates to ‘little silver’.  

From this word we derived the name Platinum.  Little did they know it would become one of the most valuable and coveted precious metals we know today.




8.87 Grams

‘PLAT’ and Pt 950 to bolt clasp

Excellent condition.  No issues to note.  Lovely chain which with care will last a lifetime.  

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