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Caring For Antique & Vintage Jewellery

We pride ourselves on sourcing the best quality pieces for our customers.  We assess all pieces prior to sale and in many instances seek independent assessment with our registered jeweller/gemologist.

Our collection consists of pieces that are of antique and vintage condition, which means that our items are secondhand and used.   Customers are not purchasing new, perfect, and unworn items and as such, should expect use commensurate with age.  The condition of the item will always be stated in our condition report outlined in the product description.

If you have any questions prior to purchase please do not hesitate to discuss with us, we are more than happy to provide extra photos and videos if required.  All our photographs are taken using a Nixon Macro lens camera to ensure we capture the best possible images, angles, and details.  

Jewellery, given the proper care and service, can last a lifetime, or more! For tips on how to properly care and clean your pieces please contact us.

Once in the possession of its new owner, we do not cover any wear and tear incured through the use of your jewellery.

We do not offer refunds for simple change of mind or incorrect choice.

For more information, please refer to our Purchase Guide & Returns Policy via the website.


We encourage you to remove rings when performing activities that may damage the stone(s) or damage claws or settings.  Special attention should be given to caring for Pearls, Turquoise and Emeralds amongst others.  Please contact us if you ever need advice.  Gold is a malleable (soft) substance, and a fine setting or band may bend or warp.  Always remove jewellery prior to washing up, showering, sleeping, and exercising in case claws/claps catch or these activities may result in damage.

Please note that we sell antique and vintage pieces that may be set with coloured stones and organic gems that are by nature very fragile. For this reason, these pieces may only be fit for purpose as dress jewellery, and not suited for everyday wear.

For very delicate jewellery such as Victorian and Georgian pieces never use an ultrasonic machine. Contact us with any enquiries.  We want our customers to enjoy their new pieces and encourage common sense decisions when determining the risk of any activity.

We are more than happy to answer any questions to assist you in making an informed purchase. Over the lifetime of the piece you purchase, we can never guarantee wear and tear, so please consider the design and aspects of the written description and photos when making your decision.

Post Purchase Care & Maintenance

Once an item leaves our inventory and is in the possession of its new owner, Graisons Fine Jewellery does not cover wear and tear and is not responsible for any post purchase maintenance that the new owner wishes to pursue with their own jeweller.

Please be very careful when choosing a jeweller to carry out such maintenance including cleaning.  Unfortunately not all jewellers have the expertise or experience to work with antique or vintage jewellery and therefore may make suggestions that could significantly comprise the integrity of settings and or stones.  

We strongly advise that any unnecessary work such as modifications, re-cutting antique stones, heavy cleaning or polishing that may result in irreversible damage or destruction of antique pieces is completely avoided.  As collectors ourselves, we would be inclined to question the necessity of work suggested that may change the value and integrity of any antique piece of jewellery.  While it is the final decision of the new owner whether they pursue such options we are not responsible for any loss of value or changes that are made post purchase.

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