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Incredible Lapis Lazuli Bead And Sterling Silver Clasped Necklace - 311 Grams

Sale price$1,750.00 AUD

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Stupendous, imposing and utterly gorgeous Lapis Lazuli bead necklace measuring a very pleasing 61cm!

Each and every one of the twenty four round beads measure a staggering 2.0cm each and are medium to dark in tone, highly saturated with tiny pyrite flecks here and there and only very very minimal traces of calcite ( a sign of high quality Lapis lazuli).

The colour is spectacular.. a deep violet hued blue, sometimes called royal or marine blue, attributed to the presence of Lazurite, another sign of quality!

A plaited thick cord is individually knotted between each bead and double knotted to the clasp which is Sterling silver with an attractive gold wash which compliments the tiny specks of pyrite beautifully.

At 61cm this one can slide over the head is desired without having to use the clasp, another plus factor in our opinion.

“Although many people associate Lapis with dark blue, it’s also found in other blue shades, and even other hues. Its color can range from deep violet blue and royal blue to light blue to turquoise blue to a greenish blue. The combination of different minerals in the aggregate determines the color. For example, the presence of Lazurite produces Lapis Lazuli’s prized royal blue color, while a mineral called Afghanite creates a pale blue shade”.

Reference: Click here

Lapis Lazuli
24 @ approximate 2.0cm each!

61cm Length

311 Grams .. Three hundred and eleven grams..

925 for Sterling silver to clasp - gold washed over

Very good to excellent preowned condition.  Lapis beads are stunning, no chips. Blue ‘twine’ is thick, secure and excellently knotted.  Incredible necklace.

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