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Georgian Sepia 12ct Gold Mourning Ring Circa 1790

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We have the absolute pleasure of offering this stunning Neoclassical era Georgian Navette Sepia Mourning Ring.

 Crafted in the late 1780s -1790s, the use of the urn, weeping willow and plinth are typical features of this era, not to mention the ‘navette’ shape which was commonly used during this decade.

This fine example draws attention directly to the urn resting upon a plinth with the initials ‘J G’ while a draped weeping willow hangs from above.  Both features are highly symbolic; the urn was incredible popular during the Neoclassical era, representing the body, stemming mostly from Greek and Roman art scenes while the weeping willow symbolising grief and mourning. 

In some instances, urns were ‘draped’ to denote the passing of an older person, which is fitting, given that the verso is inscribed ‘ given to me by my mother’.  Perhaps this was to mourn the loss of a father figure or possible a grandparent?

The scene itself is hand painted in light to dark brown hues and is likely an ivory canvas.  When viewed under our loupe, there appears to be small pieces of 'finely crushed' hair mixed into the paint, which was quite typical in these works.

The cover is rock crystal as was the material most often used to provide the most protection to the hand painted scene.

The shank is equally delightful, with detailed  engraving to each shoulder before tapering to a plain band.  As mentioned above, there is a hand written inscription to the verso “Given by my Mother Jane Gibbs”, which is a lovely dedication, adding to the sentimentality of this piece.

In superb condition for its 230 years of existence.

Rock Crystal

2.7cm x 1.5cm
Shoulders 1cm

4.27 Grams

None as typical of the area
Tested at 12ct gold

Approx O or 17.5mm diameter or US 7 1/4
Sizeable with care

Very good to excellent antique (230 year old) condition.  No repairs or previous resizing.  Sepia is in very good condition with no fading.   Minor scuffs to rock crystal. 

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