Antique Single Strand Elephant Hair Hoop Earrings Circa 1890

Fine and simplistic single strand elephant hair hoop earrings dating to the late 19th century.  With a simple joiner of ( we believe in this case rolled gold ) and newer addition 9ct gold ear wires. Elephant hair jewellery is steeped in mythology and history, below is a very brief account.

History of Elephant Hair Jewellery
Elephant hair jewellery originated thousands of years ago with the early African tribesmen who believed elephants were the only connection between the Heavens and the Earth.  They would incorporate elephant tail hair into their jewellery to ward off illness, protect them from harm, to bring them love and happiness.

Later from around the mid eighteenth century when India came under British rule or 'Raj', British colonists, traders and tourist would travel to India to go on safari and hunt exotic game ( it happened.. we do not endorse this) they would ride on the back of the elephant and when finished they would commission pieces of jewellery to be made from their favourite mounts tail hair (the elephant was not harmed!). These exotic pieces would be brought back home as reminders of their safari and given to loved ones as gifts.

Elephant hair
2.5cm diameter
4.5cm drop
Very Light
Very Good
*Box is for display*

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