Early Victorian Gold Cased Intaglio Carnelian Wax Seal Fob

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Charming early to mid Victorian gold **cased seal featuring a translucent carnelian carved intaglio in the motif of a rearing and roaring lion.

Ornately scrolled throughout, bright yellow in colour with only minimal fading to gold casing in places.

Prominent people in the Georgian and Victorian eras would wear their personal seal attached to a chatelaine or watch chain as a kind of status symbol, these days however they look wonderful on any chain and particularly watch chains worn as necklaces.

Nicely proportioned at 2.4cm tall by 1.7cm wide at base.

History of Gold Casing

Gold casing was a process developed in Birmingham in 1785.  It involves a thick sheet of gold to be soldered over a base metal, often brass or silver.
Rolled gold and gold cased are terms used interchangeably and describe the same method.
Gold plating is different and was first used in 1840.
The process involves gold being deposited on base metal using electrical current. This method is not as durable as rolled gold or gold cased. The layer of gold is thinner.

Carnelian Chalcedony

Victorian 1837-1901

2.4cm Tall
Base 1.84cm x 1.43cm

6.24 Grams

Gold cased over silver base

Good to very good antique condition.  Gold casing is good with no major losses, slight fading only and minor superficial marks.  No chips to Carnelian, only very minor surface marks.

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