Antique Cross/Crucifix 9ct Rose Bloomed Gold by Robert Rollason, Sydney Circa 1910

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Just a wonderful piece by one of our best known early Jewellery Robert Rollason, Sydney.  Hollow in design this piece is immaculate with no dents or damage.  Set to the centre with a little garnet doublet or garnet paste as was the fashion of the day.  Hand engraved detail to front just makes this piece just about perfect!

Origins of Blooming

Blooming, a popular finishing technique for karat gold jewelry from 1870 to 1890, was first documented in 1853. The means for creating a bloom finish involved dipping a karat gold item into a boiling mixture of hydrochloric acid (muriatic acid), saltpeter (potassium nitrate), salt and water. This process burned off any alloys on the surface resulting in an alloy-free, thin layer of soft, pure gold on the item. This thin gold skin was dotted by an infinite number of microscopic pits or holes which caused the matte sheen. The effect is reminiscent of the soft skin found on a peach. Dipping the item into the boiling mixture was referred to as colouring, and  resulting sheen was termed bloom. (Credit Lang Antique University).

Garnet Doublet or
Garnet Paste

4cm x 2.4 (without bale)

Rollason Hallmark

2.53 Grams


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