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Antique Victorian 15ct Yellow Gold Starburst Pearl And Enamel Locket Bangle Circa 1880

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Superb Victorian bangle dating to around the late 1800’s Circa 1880.

Crafted in 15ct Yellow Gold and modelled as an oval bangle with a central oval motif featuring an eight pointed ‘Star’ to which a small Pearl is set.  Surrounding the Star is a fine edging of dark blue enamel.

Accenting the oval section and the shoulders of the bangle are raised ‘ball’ rondels and to the rear of the oval section is a large locket with its original rim and glass.

A matte finish suggests a bloomed finish or fire gilded finish, lush, rich and a beautiful golden yellow. 

A push in box clasp and original safety chain are also present.

Celestial jewellery is more often seen in lockets and to ring an original Victorian bangle is quite a rarity!

Significance of Celestial Jewellery during Victorian and Aesthetic eras

Victorian Era 1837-1901
Aesthetic Era 1885-1901

From around the 1860s onward, stars, moons, a combination or the two and Halleys comet were very popular motifs.

 Stars could be found carved into gemstones, fashioned as brooches and hair ornaments, or formed with pearls, opals, rubies, diamonds and other hard stones.

This time period also coincides with the release of From the Earth to the Moon by Jules Verne, which imagined a futuristic journey to the moon in a rocket ship. Victorian era men and women were fascinated by his adventurous tales and demonstrated this through starburst and crescent moon jewels.

Broadly speaking, celestial jewellery has been interpreted as the following meanings:
•New beginnings
•Foreshadowing and fate
•Mythos and mystery

Tiny Pearl

Internal oval measurements - 5.5cm x 4.6cm
Internal Circumference - 16.5cm

15.5 Grams

Tested via XRF as 15ct gold

Very very good antique condition.  Locket compartment is original and quite easy to remove and add a treasured photo.  No dents or dings.  Box clasp is very secure, easy to open and close. Original safety chain.  Very very minor marks seen to central oval section holding Starburst only and seen only under magnification, insignificant.  Slight patina here and there, we don not very clean pieces of this quality. 

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