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Antique Art Deco / Art Deco Style Cats Eye 14ct Gold Ring

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For centuries the Moonstone has been coveted by many cultures.  Believed in ancient lore to be created from moonbeams themselves and prized especially during a full moon.  Thought to bring its wearer good fortune, feelings of love and affection.

A cut above the rest this exquisite chatoyant (cats eye) Moonstone is mesmerisinlgy beautiful.

Evenly transparent with no inclusions, clear to pale grey-blue in colour with a large ‘window’ that is centred perfectly and appears to float across the surface of the Moonstone in certain lighting situations.

What sets this Moonstone apart however is that is is also chatoyant, therefore it gives an optical effect more commonly known as ‘cats eye’.

The chatoyant ‘eye’ is sharp, straight and luminous, appearing like an ethereal, almost star-like streak of brilliance similar to moonlight gleaming atop a dark ocean.
This phenomenon is highly desired in any gemstone including Moonstone and occurs in stones that contain a large number of very thin parallel inclusions known as a “silk", within the stone. The light reflects from these inclusions to form a thin band across the surface of the stone.

This Moonstone is set in 14ct white gold in a four split claw setting to a raised, finely and masterfully crafted and detailed under gallery. 
The white gold compliments the Moonstone perfectly in this instance, the silver glow of the ‘cats eye’ and the gleam from the white gold accentuating each other wonderfully.

Photos do not do this ring justice…. to capture the precise chatoyant effect is quite beyond our photography skills


Moonstone 1cm x 1cm
Rise from finger 1cm

3.39 Grams

K14WG  - ‘a’ in olde script

N 1/2 or 17.3mm diameter

Lovely vintage condition.  Claws are secure and original.  No thinning to shank.

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