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Vintage 9ct Yellow Gold Andamooka Matrix Opal Ring

Sale price$1,195.00 AUD

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What is an Andamooka Matrix Opal you may ask?

From the GIA website:

Matrix Opal from Andamooka South Australia is a precious opal-included porous rock that is commonly colour enhanced) carbon impregnated) to initiate the highly prized black Opal from Lightning Ridge. Often referred to as ‘sugar treated’ as a basic sugar acid-carbonising technique is used to darken the cream coloured matrix pr pre-polished Opals so that the play of colour is more prominent.


So basically an Andamooka matrix Opal is a solid Opal with a light(er) colour which has been enhanced to give the stunning colour we see in this example.

A stunning blue/brown/purple body tone with flashes of intense reds, blues, oranges, greens and golds shimmer over the entire large 2cm x 1.4cm Opal.

Bezel set to a solid gallery to simple wide 9mm shoulders which taper effortlessly to a thick flat shank.

Not too high on the finger at a rise of 6mm, with an impressive finger spread of over 2cm x 1.5cm, this vibrant and stunningly attractive ring is one of our favourites and we are sure it’ll be yours too!

Andamooka Matrix Opal
1 @ approximately 2.0cm x 1.4cm

20.1cm x 1.5cm
Rise 6mm
Shoulders 9.2mm
Shank 4.6mm

6.96 Grams


Q or 18.3mm diameter US 8 1/4.  Resizeable 3-4 sizes down, 4 up.

Very very good vintage condition.  No chips to Opal, very minuscule marks seen only under x 10 loupe magnification.  No thinning to shank.  Lovely ring displaying stunning play of colour.

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