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Modern Sterling Silver And Lapis Lazuli Bead Necklace - 214 Grams Independent Valuation Included For $3000 AUD

Sale price$1,750.00 AUD

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Quite the incredible statement necklace this strikingly impressive Lapis Lazuli necklace is crafted from some of the finest Lapis round beads we have ever seen.

Royal blue or as oft use ‘Ultramarine’ blue the colour is intense and quite indescribable.
Seen throughout the Lapis beads are glittering tiny specks of tell tale golden Pyrite which sparkle like tiny stars!

Each bead is 1.8cm in diameter, individually knotted on a very thick and solid blue twine, and interspaced with gold washed rondels.

A super sized bolt ring hold this heavy 214 gram necklace securely around the neck.
Both the clasp and rondels are gold washed and appear almost a bronze hue in colour.

Measuring a pleasing 58cm in length this once in a life time Lapis Lazuli necklace will not disappoint!


Lapis Lazuli
Each measures 1.8cm

Length of necklace 58cm
Bolt clasp 2.3cm

214 Grams

** Please note that the valuation says ‘base metal’ clasp and rondels.  We are confirming this via XRF testing and our valuer/gemologist.

Very good to excellent preowned condition.  Absolutely no chips or abrasions to any Lapis.  Clasp is in excellent condition.  Blue twine is very strong heavy duty and shows no stretching of fraying.  Stunningly good necklace.

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