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Antique/Vintage 9ct Rose Gold Natural Star Sapphire Ring Included In Purchase Independent Valuation For $7850 AUD

Sale price$4,200.00 AUD

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When you want a ring that not only is strikingly beautiful but one that no one else has then this is the one for you!

Crafted from 9ct rose gold and set with three natural oval en cabochon pale grey/blue chatoyant (star) sapphires all of which are set in bezel settings.

To the sides of the central large star Sapphire are two lavender stones .. one of which is an Amethyst and the other is a colour change Alexandrite which our gemologist believes to be natural.

In the natural daylight there is a slight colour difference between these two lavender stones, the Alexandrite is a pale lavender/blue hue however in artificial light these two gems match perfectly as the Alexandrite changes colour to a rich bright purple.

Large and impressive this one gives a commanding figure coverage of 3.4 x 2.4cm and is a substantial and weighty ring weighing 12 grams.

1 @ 11.7mm x 9.4mm or 3cts
1 @ 5.5mm x 4mm or 0.80ct
1 @ 5.6mm or 0.50ct
1 @ 4.2mm or 0.30ct
1 @ 4.2mm or 0.30ct

‘US’ - Makers mark

3.4cm x 2.4cm

12.1 Grams

Approx a P to a P1/2 or or US 7 3/4 to 8
The internal diameter is difficult to measure on a mandrel

Very very god vintage/antique condition.  Sapphires show a nice asterism in the natural sunlight and overhead bright lighting. No thinning to shank.  Very substantial ring at 12 grams.  Amethyst and Alexandrite in very good condition with only moor softening to facets seen under scrutiny and x 10 loupe magnification.  Stunningly beautiful ring.