Antique Victorian Genuine Fossilised Sharks Tooth Circa 1880

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After Charles Darwins ‘On the origin of the Species’ was published in 1859 there followed a fascination by the Victorians for natural history and biological enthusiasm.  Gentleman of the day began travelling the world drawing, describing and collecting animal and plant specimens.

Women also took up the gobby of preserving and studying said specimens compiling vas private collections!

This little genuine fossilised sharks tooth dates to the middle to late Victorian era circa 1880 and is homage to the enthusiasm felt during this fascinating era.

Modelled in low carat gold or gold fill the sharks tooth is loosely (Intentionally) held in a frame as not to damage the ancient sharks tooth.  Very secure however and as wearable today as it was 140 plus years ago.

Perfect for the collector of Victoriana and trust us, when worn, this fascinating little piece is quite the talking point!

Fossilised sharks tooth

6.5cm Length
Tooth is 2.0cm x 1.1cm

1.83 Grams

Tests weakly for gold, probably low cart or gold fill
Good antique condition.  At some time is antiquity there as been a re-enforcement to the tooth frame and the back plate, noticeable upon close examination and very very stable and secure.  Tooth itself is in very good condition with no breaks or chips.  Interesting piece of history.

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