Antique Victorian 18ct Yellow Gold Natural Half Pearl Bangle Circa 1880

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How do we know how old this one is you may ask?  Well … This exquisite bangle bears two ‘Kite’ marks.  Kite marks were diamond shaped English Registry marks used by the English patent office from 1842 to identify English pottery, porcelain and jewellery.

Between 1842 and 1883 the diamond shaped mark was used (seen on this bangle).
Marks registered from 1842 to 1867 have a letter at the top of the diamond.  Marks from 1867 to 1883 have a number instead of a letter (seen on this bangle).

Importantly in dating this one - as Kite marks date the ‘design’ registry month and year and so forth, not the year of item manufacture, however, these Kite marks were discontinued in 1883.

That leaves us with a five year window of manufacture between 1878 (22nd May 1878 when the design was registered) and 1883 at the latest!

Click here for more information regarding Kite Registry Marks as discussed by Lang Antiques.

Having said all that this incredible 18ct yellow gold oval hinged bangle is a Victorian jewellery collectors dream.

Stunning in her manufacture, and design, and set with a row of graduating natural half Pearls ( natural because cultured Pearls are not created until 1893) all set in individual square settings.

The solid gallery is stunning, deeply scrolled, ornate and beautiful to both sides.
The rear of the bangle is in three knife edge bar design, strong and substantial also.

Remarkably the Pearls are in pristine condition. No loss to nacre, creamy bright white, lustrous, all original with no re-glues, they are perfect.

These antique bangles do not present in this condition to the market often.

Half Pearls

Internal circumference - 16cm
Measured across internally - 5.6cm X 4.7cm

13.4 Grams

Tested via X-ray fluorescence as 18ct gold

Very very good antique condition.  All pearls are bright, white and lustrous, all original and no re-glues.  Clasp is very tight and secure, original safety chain also.  Solidly made so no dents or bends to front or back of bangle. 

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