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Antique Georgian ’Throwaway’ Laydown Blown Glass Enamel Gilded Perfume Bottle Circa 1800 - 1850

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Calling all our perfume bottle collectors!  Do we have a rarity for you!

During the late 18th century to the end of the 19th century, when perfume became more affordable to the less affluent, samples were sold and sometimes given away by chemists and perfumers in these glass perfume bottles.

The vial inside the bottle is thin and contained very little perfume much like the tiny sample bottles we are given today at stores!  These simple bottles garnered the name “Throwaways’ as they were the equivalent of our sample bottles today and not meant to be kept.

This particular example is as rare as they come.  Not only is she in excellent condition for her 180 plus years but.. she retains the original wax paper and string covering the ground glass stopper underneath! She has never been opened.

Under magnification we can see tiny solidified drops of the original oil based scent she originally would have contained inside the slender inside vial.

Sometimes referred to as Attar bottles or Oxford Lavender the more elaborate examples (as this one) would likely have been provided at upscale perfumers. Simpler designs were  given away at fairs and spas.  

Richly hand decorated with gold gilding, and colourful enamels in floral designs to front back and side panels, this exquisite Georgian bottle is a must for the serious collector.  Not once in our careers have we seen one with the original wax paper and twine!

Please see link below for more examples and information:


13.5cm Length
Width 1.4cm
1.1cm Deep

40.6 Grams

Very very good antique Georgian condition.  Enamels and gold gilding is very good with only minor losses to tiny areas near base.  No chips to glass bottle itself but one shallow chip to square base underneath.  Origin wax paper and twine!  Remarkable piece.

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