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Antique Georgian/Early Victorian ‘Pinchbeck’ Bracelet Circa 1810

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Rare and highly collectable Georgian era ‘Pinchbeck’ bracelet with an original barrel clasp.
Dating to the early 1800’s this alluring piece is constructed from Pinchbeck ( see below for description ), with finely cross hatched patterning which with the colour of this particular Pinchbeck makes this bracelet almost glow.

Held securely with a large 1.5cm push in barrel clasp and the extra benefit of a safety chain. We suspect the safety chain may be a very very early addition but given the quality and early style of the work it may well be original.

The colour is lovely, a combination of high carat hue but warm and golden also, this highly collectible piece teams perfectly with an assortment of your favourite old gold pieces.

History of Pinchbeck

Pinchbeck is a form of brass an alloy of copper and zinc, mixed in proportions so that it closely resembles gold in appearance. It was invented in the early 18th century by Christopher Pinchbeck, a London clock and watchmaker.

Since gold was affordable only by the upper classes at that time, the development of pinchbeck allowed ordinary people to buy gold 'effect' jewellery on a budget. The inventor allegedly made pinchbeck jewellery clearly labelled as such.  The original Pinchbeck was made by Christopher Pinchbeck and his decedents until the 1830s.

The family kept its exact formula a secret, but others guessed the alloy's two components and began to experiment with their own mixes, some more successfully than others.

Others tried to pass off jewellery made from their own formulas as gold, but the Pinchbeck family always made it clear that their metal was a substitute. Over time, the term Pinchbeck was often used generically to refer to all types of gold substitutes.


Circumference 19cm
Clasp 1.5cm
Links each 9mm diameter

24 Grams


Very good antique Georgian condition.  Small loss of Pinchbeck to links attached to clasp, others are very good.  Clasp closes and holds securely.  Lovely collectible bracelet.

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