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Antique Australian 15ct Gold Green Tourmaline And Pearl Ring By Willis And Sons Circa 1910

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Absolutely beautiful and early ring by one of our iconic Australian jewellery firms Willis and Sons circa 1910.

Crafted from 15ct gold and **bloomed throughout to give a rich higher carat matte finish to the gold. 

Modelled as a low rise band and set to the centre fancy edged oblong top plate with three small green Tourmaline which are accented with four tiny half seed Pearls.

This is a sturdy little ring, solidly made with a nice wide half round shank.
Crisply hallmarked with Willis’ symbol of a Unicorn, 15 and ‘W’ for their symbol used after 1904.

Blooming: A popular finishing technique for karat gold jewelry from 1870 to 1890, was first documented in 1853. The means for creating a bloom finish involved dipping a karat into a boiling mixture of hydrochloric acid (muriatic acid), saltpeter (potassium nitrate), salt and water. This process burned off any alloys  on the surface resulting in an alloy-free, thin layer of soft, pure gold on the item.

Reference: Lang Antiques 

Tiny round faceted green Tourmaline
Half seed Pearl

6.3mm At front

3.48 Grams

‘Unicorn’ / 15 / ‘W’ For Willis and Sons

Q or 18.3mm diameter US 8 1/4
Can be re-sized

Very very good antique condition.  Gems and Pearls are original, no re-glues. No thing to shank, hallmarks very crisp and clear. Bright and beautiful piece of Australian history.