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Edwardian Gold Cased Sovereign Case Made in England by Dennison Watch Case Co

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Smooth and classy unlike some of the more ornate examples, this one exudes elegance and looks wonderful on any chain.  It is that cross between rose and yellow hue so teams with most chains already in your jewellery wardrobe !

Fully hallmarked with the Trademark for Dennison Watch Case Co. and ‘guaranteed for 20 years’ which of course it has far exceeded and will so for another 100 years treated with love.

Total weight 23.46 grams, 31mm diameter case.classical form with push-button release cover with sprung interior.


3cm diameter
4.5cm with bale (excluding jump ring)

Full hallmarks inside cover for Dennison Watch Co
Serial number etc

23.46 Grams

Very very good, push button mechanism fully functional, spring loaded bed inside perfect working condition.

History of Aaron Dennison
“Aaron Dennison was an important pioneer in watchmaking by machinery; in fact it could be said that he was the most important pioneer, in that it was his ideas that started the mass production of watch movement parts by machinery in America, which had major knock-on effects on watchmaking in Switzerland and England. After initiating a revolution in watchmaking, Dennison set up a company in Birmingham, England, to make watch cases, and many collectors will have watches with cases made by the Dennison watch case company”.

Dennison also made gold plated watch cases. Gold-filled or rolled gold plate is a composite material where sheets of gold are bonded by heat and pressure to a core of base metal such as nickel or brass. The thickness of the gold determines how long the item will last in normal use before the gold wears through and the base metal shows. Gold filled should be thicker and constitute at least 1/20th of the weight of the metal in the entire article, rolled gold plate must constitute at least 1/40th of the weight of the metal in the entire article. The layer of gold in gold filled or rolled gold plate items is much thicker than electroplated gold, and therefore longer wearing. Because this material is not solid gold it cannot be hallmarked.

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